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The Doctor and Jamie step out next to a large grandfather clock and then go on to meet Father Time. The Doctor, along with Weller and O'Flannegan, set off through the jungle where a giant rhinoceros attacks: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: These days, he runs an online Doctor Who shop, organises conventions, and works as a volunteer for Bedford Foodbank. He then turns the Dart on the rest of the Cyberships and destroys them.

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He went to university. This version of the character, though, was the human scientist Dr. This page was last edited on 22 Januaryat Whoa distinctly different character from The Doctor.

The two huntsmen decide to take him to their mansion to be punished. On top of all this, the BBC have handed visitors to their Doctor Who website the chance to make their own comic strips using the memorably titled Comic Maker software. The ship is from Earth and the Captain explains that the ship is almost out of oxygen. The Doctor is imprisoned in caves inside the volcano but escapes by using his pocket laser beam.

The Doctor is invited aboard the plane carrying the Dart but Cybermen have hidden themselves on the plane with the intention of kidnapping all the scientists. The Doctor drops the leopard onto the Quarks to cause a distraction while he and Jamie escape to a clearing in the jungle. A favourite strip was The Uggraks: O'Flannegan steals a few canisters and the prisoners use them to overpower their guards.

As well as Muffin the Mule which ran for nearly 10 years—as the cover feature untilthen later as a half-page in black and whiteother favourites from the s that made appearances were SootyCoco the ClownNoddy and Lenny the Lion. This is only the start of their problems: Nearby is a rocket base.

When it collapses the slaves take their cue and overpower the guards on doxtor gun positions. The driver invites him into the car and the race begins, watched by spaceships from across the universe. The Crossroads of Time Claws of the Klathi!

The scientist orders a panther to attack the Doctor who drives it off with acid. This evidently failed to attract the sales increases that had been hoped for, as the comic reverted to an A4 format from issue 1, two years later, now published on cheap newsprint. The only notable, collectable and original strip of this period was perhaps " Battle of the Planets " drawn by former " Dan Dare " artist Keith Watsonwhich ran from to The Doctor wins this fight too and is allowed to leave because of the entertainment he has provided.

They climb into a rocket from to escape but other Cybermen shoot them down. The Doctor uses his recorder again which lures the Master into an attempt to crush them with his metal spider and the Doctor gets the chance to destroy the metal spider. These days, he runs an online Doctor Who shop, organises conventions, and works as a volunteer for Bedford Foodbank.

Doctor Who by John Canning. Bite of the Morphuse!

This collection is absolutely brilliant! It comes to life and tries to shoot.

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The attackers are scared off and the Doctor tracks them back to their homes village. The Doctor Who comic strip has now been running in one form or another and under one publisher or another for over 50 years, and thanks to the TV series' 16 year hiatus between andhas now actually been running continuously for longer than the show on which it was based!

They decide to watch the gorillas from behind a bush until John treads on a twig and the gorillas are alerted to their presence. They then free Jason and use the wh to help them escape from the city.

TV Comic Strips - Second Doctor

The Quarks retreat to their home planet, and the Doctor becomes a national hero. John and Gillian are almost caught by comuc Daleks but at the last second the Daleks receive a message to say that the Doctor has been seen near the exterminator. John and Gillian and the Doctor use rocket packs to lift the band off stage as the speakers explode.

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