Htc pattern unlock

You can do this by tapping the Settings app, selecting Security, and then choosing whether to lock with a PIN, pattern, or password. Not Helpful 7 Helpful 3. Once the reset is done you will have to set it up just as it were a new phone. Press the volume up so as to enter the download mode. Sophia is a senior editor of Androidsoft.

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So the next time device turns on after the restart you will not be shown the Passcode inquiry any longer. For most of them, it is a good practice that all Android users should follow. Home Products Store Tutorial Support.

What happens when you can't log into your phone and these tips don't help? Unluckily, one day I did a stupid thing that I forgot the pattern I set before so that I could not unlock the HTC's screen lock to use my phone.

Go to the main menu, then settings, then "back up and reset. After Step 2, the software will start to download the corresponding recovery package according to the model of your HTC device.

How to Remove HTC Lock Screen if I Forgot Password, Pattern or PIN-

Firstly switch off your device if it is on. Thus when facing the embarrasing situation metioned above, you don't need to worry about it. Backup data on your Android devices easily and restore backup files selectively to any device.

These are only the ones that users have reported so far. Log in and set up your phone. Hyc Galaxy Recovery helps restoring your lost or deleted data including contacts, SMS, photos, audio, call history, WhatsApp chat history and more from your Gala The factory reset process will take several minutes.

Shut down the phone. However, despites its usefulness Screen Locks can really inconvenience you especially when you cannot access your phone because you have forgotten the PIN, Password or pattern. Tap the Power icon to shut the phone down. Remember Factory Reset will delete all the data on your phone while the other two methods above will not. Log into your account. Open the Android Device Manager www. Set a new password. If you pattwrn in with a Google account that was previously associated with the phone, and you had backups enabled, your httc will be restored.

Locate the seam on the side of the phone in between the front and back, then using nail or another small object pry along the seam until the unlodk pops off.

HTC Bolt - What can I do if I forgot my screen lock password, - Support | HTC United States

Let's Keep in Touch! How do I reset it? However, you should first signed up this service before using it in real life. Once this is done your smartphone will give you the option jtc logging in using an alternative method. Enter in the Google account name and password.

There is no factory reset option on my phone. As for me, I would like to choose the way of pattern to lock my phone, HTC's screen.

Cracking HTC One M9 Pattern Lock Is As Easy As 1-2-(Not Even Three)

Cookies make wikiHow better. In such a situation, you can download customized image or ROM into Android. Sophia is a senior editor of Androidsoft.

You can let the Android lock screen removal begins when completing the recovery package downloading. You do this by pressing and holding down both the volume and the power buttons on your phone.

In order to bypass the password lock, you will need to attempt to enter it five times. This must be the account that was used when the phone was setup for the first time.

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