Birdhouse in your soul

This has nothing to do with Greek mythology or pagan gods and goddesses. I believe that the song is a love song from a guy to someone who he really cares for more than anyone else "I'm your only friend" but doesn't really know "I'm not actually your friend" , but he promises that he'd care for her more than anything "Blue canary in the outlet Contrary to popular belief, the universe revolves around this song. An orchestra would play short versions of well-known classical music pieces, launching from one piece to another without stopping. The little bird is addressing the world about something, but what?

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I know that They Might Be Giants' songs generally have meanings beyond the text. In this image, is kid linnell staring at his blue, canary shaped night light. To be sure, they are clever -- but they usually sojl have any deep hidden meaning.

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But really it's probably just about electric light. It is simply a "guardian angel" for its friend and owner. I have watched it a couple of times and am completely baffled. Jason and his Argonauts were not killed by the Stymphalian birds.

Birdhouse In Your Soul

solu The nightlight could also serve as a stand-in for any object which carries a special childhood memory that does not want to be forgotten. It seems to be a completely different song. The song is not just about a night-light; it is about electricity or AC electricity?

So you could say the blue canary Marxist represents the proletariat, or Jungian represents the collective unconscious, or Feminist Literary Criticism represents the anima or feminine side of the masculine, or Nietzschean represents the Ubermensch, or Derrida soup to be honest, I never really understood Derrida. But really Girdhouse not actually your friend: If you were ever one of those kids who was convinced that the Boogeyman or some other monstrosity was going to come after you in the ypur without your trusty night light, I think this song makes a lot of sense.

The music video was filmed in the New York County 's Surrogate's Court and Hall of Records building in Manhattan in and featured dancers with pictures of William Ij White 's eyes attached to glasses obscuring their own. We also learn of another thing to be very afraid of when we're young, and that is the dangers of electricity.

Little kid linnell feels safe to sleep at night as long as he knows there's light to ward off monsters and nightmares. We do not have any tags for Birdhouse in Your Soul lyrics.

Now picture one person trying to give suol person advice. The entire light switch thing is a reference to the human head. Making a little birdhouse in one's soul means to make room for one's own "internal" nightlight the nightlight in the song being bird-shapedsomething you can carry around always to keep yourself safe without relying on anything from the outside.

They Might Be Giants - Birdhouse in Your Soul Lyrics | SongMeanings

This is a night light song. General Comment Wow, some of you people are really reading way too far into this song, especially the religious interpretations. The deeper meaning behind the night light which is what the song is about is that we all need to build a "birdhouse in our soul" for whatever that makes us feel safe and secure "Blue Canary"so that it can live within us. It is almost indisputable that "Birdhouse in Your Soul" is about a night light.

Depends on what the word means. It means that while I'm not your best friend, and I don't know you as well as I'm sure some do, I am looking out for your best interests and since I'm your only source of unbiased advice I'm going to do my best to give it to you.

The same with a lighthouse.

Let's see how long this entry lasts! And I'm pretty sure that Symphonettes are pieces of music without "rests".

Birdhouse in Your Soul - Wikipedia

The first layer of meaning of this song is completely nonsensical -- the people who stop here are the ones birvhouse say, "This song makes birdhuose sense. To say nay to most other theories here, the thumbs guy, sorry.

There is no actual information given here; rather, it is just another introduction to the chorus, which contains the real meaning of the song. I'm sorry but talking about something that's plugged into an outlet by a light switch is not a metaphor for electricity. The opening lines of the song are pretty much gibberish.

It admires the lighthouse in the picture for being stronger and more useful lighthouses protect and also comfort sailors, both by providing light and by reminding them that people are watching out for themwhile acknowledging that the nightlight, while tiny, does the best it can to make the birdhoouse a little safer. That stood on rocky shores and kept the beaches shipwreck free:

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