2013 xxl freshman cypher

This is the good, the bad and the ugly of the rap world coming together for a cypher that hits and misses but ultimately entertains. Album Freshmen Cyphers —Present. Even Lil Dicky looks puzzled. Kelly is the bad. Produced by Jahlil Beats.

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Release Date January 1, Kelly is the bad. Paak is more of a singer than a rapper but does an admiral job with a freestyle that he seems to have actually spit off the top of his head.

Ranking All XXL Freshman Cyphers 2011 – 2016

Even so, the presence of YG and Miller is enough for this cypher to break into the top Album Freshmen Cyphers —Present. We'll have things fixed soon. Even Lil Dicky looks puzzled. These two are set for big things if this freestyle is anything to go cpher.

Verified Artists All Artists: The Philly native spits with great energy before Big K. Props for his ad-libs, though.

I need the cake and cream, stakes is high like fiends off a dream Jet streaming having cuisine with the best seasons It's the vet season carry a vest you know the reason I'm in Chiraq and I'm getting blown like the breezes Your chicken strip tease us, thighs leg and the breast part is the cleavage She even lick it down to the bone marrow She in love but I don't got a bow and arrow I'm known to jack the booty like I'm sparrow They ain't trying to see me in the battle, they lines is too narrow They couldn't even outshine my shadow They don't want the beef nigga let alone the cattle They just want to ride the saddle, it's so sad though [Verse 2: An Investigation Into Hold Music.

Scottie is tokin and swimming with womenhe writing, producing, then score and filming it Oh god, my godthis shit be like God-level Nigga you talking money nigga, stacking several Bonds over billions niggas the real is in the building With Ye and Hova niggas know what the deal is The deal is nigga the realest Young Scott the rock, rocking from the Phyllis Got my nigga Bronson, Joey, Ab-Soul And you know a nigga pockets getting swole on the road, yup.

Troy Ave is on trial for murder, Jon Connor is struggling to be heard on Dr. Ab-Soul] The last black hippy to get a wiki I'm in your city getting a hickey from your chick in her Vickies Don't try act like I ain't popping homie My style like Mandela meets Monster Kody Cop backwoods by the box bro, OG only Drop for a zip, need 2 to be cozy I hate to stunt but look me up Evil Knievel ain't much when I do my stuff Polo tee polo black cologne Burberry by my nuts she won't leave me lone The Levi's was on sale, but I ain't flexing hard Flexing, never had a 24 Hour Fitness card I told myself I wouldn't flip I made a little bit I'm no magician but I hope this blue dolphin do the trick Behind the mic with a thizz face You take your Mrs.

Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. This is the good, the bad and the ugly of the rap world coming together for a cypher that hits and misses but ultimately entertains.

Ranking All XXL Freshman Cyphers - • Howl & Echoes

I love Futurebut his verse is forgettable. The genuine comeraderie all cyphee rappers share during this cypher warms the cockles of my heart. Produced by Jahlil Beats. That said, all four go hard over the Don Cannon produced trap beat.

The man responsible for the tacky yet enjoyable Thrift Shop drops solid bars without the help of regular contributor Ryan Lewis.

Lets start with the ugly. The feel good vibe of the cypher is what keeps this one from the very bottom of the list.

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