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You select the part instances that you want to display from a list and display the part instances together in a single image or individually in separate images. Displays the version of Financials software selected on the CR Installation page. The fields in the Purge Cutoff Date group box enable you to periodically purge gift or membership security codes from your system.

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When you process a letter you have the options of selecting and generating a standard letter, assigning a customized letter, or not sending a letter. If the process is set up, when you click the Run button, Process Scheduler runs the GL Interface process at user-defined intervals. Accruing indicates that the donor is still working toward membership eligibility at the level you selected.

If a joint relationship does not exist between a donor and spouse and you set the following defaults:.

A communication record is written and marked as complete. The system displays a message on this PeopleTools page for each declined transaction. Enter the User ID of the person you are assigning the acknowledgement to. A giving club's start date, end date, and status are determined on the Giving Club Rules page. Paying the professoriate download itunes. See Using the Letter Generation Process.

You can also append a table of materials to the material figures in the HTML report. You can enter a Process Instance number to use for this report, or click the button at the end of a Process Instance row to copy that instance's information generatlr the fields of the group box.

Generating a report of postprocessing results

After you click the Process button, give the process at least 30 seconds to run. When any one of these criteria exist, the system makes a "best guess" at what the matching gift will be taking into consideration the organization's minimum requirements for amount, ineligible designation matching gift types, ineligible gift types, and match ratio.

Indicates how many actions the system has taken on a particular reference number. These caf display the information sent to PeopleSoft Enterprise Financials 8. Click to view detailed information about a particular gift on the Gift Detail page. The matching gift records that fall within the time frame and business unit you select appear on this page. Selecting Gift and Membership Transactions for Review.

Combat Arms Report Generator

A gift and pledge supervisor or membership supervisor may need this page to transfer a session from one user to another, for example because the owner could not finish the data entry for one reason or another. Select the check box for each row to process, or click the Select All button to select all rows on the page. After the communication record exists, you can run the Letter Generator.

You must enter the date before the sequence number. Format You can customize the appearance of the report by generating the report using a custom style sheet and by displaying an image such as a company logo in the report.

These values are defined by your institution and determine how data is mapped to Financials. Enter your selection criteria for the gifts or membership transactions to review. Periodically purge credit card security codes from the system that are associated with gifts.

Additional options allow you to include or exclude the top-level components of the report, while settings on other pages in this dialog box allow you to select generaotr specific contents to include in each section. We recommend that your institution create an event ID for the purpose of generating custom acknowledgements.

See Viewing Generatoor Gifts for People. Enter an amount of the donation that gives this donor recognition. Displays the donor's name if it is a person, or description if it is an organization.

You can include figures and a 3D XML —format file that display the assembly with its contents color coded to highlight the material data. View information about donors' gifts that are matched by external organizations.

General You can select the directory in which the HTML report files will be generated, change the title that appears at the top of the report, and change the user name that appears in the report. The record no longer appears in the acknowledgement list or acknowledgement suspense.

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