Ccna security nuggets

The re-record the content to contain what it needs to contain rather that directing the student to an additional 15 videos in other courses. Indeed the Cisco official certification guide lacks a lot of content for the exam itself but gave me a great foundation of concepts that I've lacked from a daily work with those equipments. I speak to the host person. Has happened to me I got a complaint and won a Cisco voucher. I want to pass exam only first attempt.

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What the heck kind of stupid question is that?

So, why did CBT Nuggets even bother to make a Series?

Hello I did some checking around and as I understand it the domains of 6. Go to original post. THe page is blank except for a "next button".

Hopping between three different CBT Nuggets courses? Ive been reading cnca and trying not to reply, but the truth must be told. Exam answers and hands-on skills are perfectly different. I'm using PacketTracer, it works well, with the exception that they do not have the nuygets IOS to support certain commands!

That being said let me share my latest experience Oct 17, 4: Better luck next time. I've just passed the exam yesterday.

Thank you for to share your exam experience and also dropbox documents. I've forgot to mention the labs as pmkenzie did but since I was using that knowledge at a production environment on a daily basis, I kind of left the labs aside. Many of the questions were ambiguous and the simulation was a failure.

Just failed CCNA Security - - The Cisco Learning Network

Looking for good study book for CCNA security. I have also failed exam recently. This content has been marked as final.

Have you recently passed? I do not know if you are Brazilian, but here in Brazil is almost a test of these Well, if not that.

Net is not sponsored by, endorsed by or affiliated with Cisco Systems, Inc. Refer to this link to see more people complaining about this subject: Practical part of exam is badly designed.

I would also do some of the labs just so you get an idea of what is actually happening especially the vpn and asa ones. They asked such strange, terribly worded questions.

CBT Nuggets (cbtn) Cisco CCNA Security 210-260 IINS Video Training Course

But you got there in the end. Books are perfect but they do not give you all you need. Has happened to me I got a complaint and won a Cisco voucher. I am breezing through the exam and get to the Simulation part.

I fully expect to look at a CBT Nuggets course, add up the hours for that course, and be able to schedule time to view accordingly. I saw you mentioned reading the official certification guide.

I too recently took the IINS exam Feb and failed it due to the same reasons as you mentioned. So, just insert the relevant videos into the CCNA: Laziness on CBT Nugget's part.

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