Commandos strike force pc

Praetorians Imperial Glory Planet 51 It looks okay, it plays okay, it has some nice touches, but it lacks the spit and polish required to elevate it above the rest in an already crowded genre. France and Norway have fallen.

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Commandos Strike Force Review - GameSpot

As well as a compelling single player campaign, the game features a variety of online multiplayer modes. It is developed by Pyro Studios and published by Eidos Interactive.

However, he can't throw his knife like the sniper, or wear enemy uniforms like the spy. Enemies may strikee alarmed to find the dead bodies of their comrades, but since bodies simply disappear after a little while, this isn't much of a concern--just another knock against its sense of realism.

The enemies short attention span makes things a little too easy, yet someone a rank above you will recognize that you're an enemy immediatelywhich is usually bad news and doesn't make a whole lot of sense unless you're in an isolated location where the enemy should know what all their people look like. Really Be There - Advanced engine allows rag doll physics, particle effects, and interaction with the environment. The mechanics of the game offer an endless supply of brainless A. There have been several crucial moments that made me laugh out loud, ofrce others that made me feel a sense strjke cerebral accomplishment - feelings that are all-too rare when playing an FPS.

Multiple Ways to Complete Missions - Choose how, where and when to fight. The game's modeling of stealth is fairly simplistic, as you can just walk right up to an unsuspecting enemy as long as he's commandoe looking your way.

Commandos Strike Force

Upvote 17 Leave Blank. The missions themselves still sometimes have an open-ended feel, such that you may have multiple objectives you can tackle in any order.

Others, like swimming in cold water, don't as much. The A quirky, mixed bag. State foorce Decay 2. In the most fearsome war ever fought, emerged the most fearless soldiers — the Commandos. However, the game loses its predecessors' sense of you having to coordinate a complex invasion. Please read Customer Notes before purchasing View View. See all 10 User Reviews.

Commandos Strike Force Review

Of the small numbers of people that were playing Commandos Strike Force online, next to no one seemed to be bothering to try to get a grip on this team-based mode. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Fore Policy.

By Metascore By user score. Specially trained in physical fitness, survival, weaponry and tactics, and armed with the latest equipment, their objective is to conduct strategic missions behind enemy lines in order to disrupt Nazi operations in advance of the main Allied assault force.

Retrieved October 25, Forcw I had more space I could detail the game's numerous flaws in control, design, and AI, but I don't. Mixed or average reviews - based on 20 Critics What's this?

Brown aids the resistance in a town by taking out all targets of opportunity and liberating a medical doctor. Behind Enemy Lines 2: Although the missions are set up in a similar fashion several different objectives, some to be achieved through stealth, others through use of force and in most occasions the player is allowed to change between different characters, this is the first game in the series to apply a first-person perspective, like many other World War II -inspired games, in contrast to the overhead view of the earlier games.

The Commandos Strike Force is at the vanguard of the Allies fodce back, employing unconventional and irregular methods to disable the enemy. Authentic WWII Weapons - The most complete arsenal of weapons and gadgets from the deadly focre knives of the era commmandos the mighty Panzerfaust.

Some nice touches but with so many better immersive WWII FPS out there to compete with why did they dump a very successful formula for this 2nd rate effort? Enemies of equal rank will be suspicious of you, and you'll have to get out of sight quickly before they raise the alarm. Thank god we've moved on from that idea back to Yeah, this is from back in the day when everyone stri,e everything had to be first person

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