Cool minecraft houses

If you've played Minecraft for some time now, you most surely know how hard it is to build a great looking house to live in, that meets both your vision of your dream house and expectations for functionality. Take a look at this house: Submit your Model Download Software. I would recommend having at least a bed and bedside table with a fence and pressure plate on top.

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Legal Terms of Service. You can even use Green wool to make yourself a giant dragon to slay! Tell me what you think in the comments: Not Helpful 4 Helpful coll Interior tips are coming up so keep looking!

If you are playing in survival, make sure to have multiple chests filled with food and objects you might need. Your example picture clearly shows a futuristic build. March 31, HousesModern 0. Build an apartment complex. Look up more things to do in Minecraft so you don't get bored of the game.

Instead of calling traditional windowless roofs "abysmal", let players be creative in expressing their design styles. Use redstone or other clever tricks command blocks, if you hack your game to make things like an elevator that takes you down to mminecraft cave.

Don't forget a pool out front and a road lined with Cypress trees to seal the deal! Build an underwater house. Well, lets find out! May 29, HousesModern 0. They add to the monotony of already built houses in the vicinity in multiplayer. Uses texture pack, commands, and custom models. January 25, FeaturedModern 6. What's wrong with it? You should also break up the colors of the outside walls and ceiling.

Minecraft Building Inc is one great example. Also, if you are curing multiple zombie villagers, keep them separated and out of the sunlight. A good not great example of natural aesthetics.

Minecraft Houses and shops Creations

Use outcroppings, towers, and wings to make your house more interesting. Bring out the "mine" in Minecraft and build yourself a Bat Cave.

Minecraft is the best game ever when you unlock its secrets. These look great perched on a cliff.

How to Make a Cool House in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Sand is a common natural block, usually found near water or in desert biomes. Make several roads of gravel running off the center with houses and farms running along them. Glass panes make good sails for a pirate ship.

Place some planks in the water and then use wool and fences for the sails. And many Thanks to Casti who gave me the original idea and his support.

Minecraft House Design

This is the easiest way to bring black into your color scheme. Well, check out the pics here.

Use different colored blocks to mark the different parts of your foundation.

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