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Fonarto A modern style with classic impression. Free available for personal and commercial aims. As Brasilia the city itself, it holds an old-modern design.

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Note that you have to give credit if you use this font and you pxck contact the author before using it in commercial projects! Oranienbaum Based on classic Antiqua fonts, such as Bodoni. Calluna supports a very wide range of languages and is a very complete OpenType typeface. It combines the best of both worlds. Arenq Futura inspired display font, by Paulo R.

Inspired by Art Deco characterized by the use pcak heavy metals such as steel and aluminum. C hoosing the perfect font for your projects is an important step, as it could make or break your design entirely. Basically many fonts come with Windows pre-installed and some automatically installs when we install any software.

Nooa A fancy mix between serif and sans serif fonts for a contemporary use. This unique font is available in various formats and will definitely look nice in your next design.

Englsh mainly for display, the fat block lettering is unreserved yet refined for contemporary use. Building is designed as a font character title with a strong visual impact. Font Package is a not that heavy program that does not require as much space than the average program in the category Desktop customization software.

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On JustMyType site you can find several more very unique and interesting letters. Grandhotel A condensed upright connecting script by Brian J. Galano is a geometric sans in the tradition of Futura, Avant Garde, Avenir and the like. By Greg Eckler Download Font. It comes in Regular, Condensed, Extended and Thin. As Brasilia the city itself, it holds an old-modern design. You will be redirected to mediafire. Wnglish A yummy juicy font inspired by brazilian tropicalism.

Didactic A free serif font by Tyler Finck. Parker A handmade vintage inspired font. A free typeface which includes two versions: This OpenType font family comes in five weights and offers paack for CE languages and even Esperanto.

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By Jos Buivenga exljbris and Martin Majoor. Sideboard Inspired by Bodoni, free typeface created by Sergey Melnikov. This bold version of Oduda is free of use for personal and commercial projects.

PH A multifaceted font system. By Les83Machines Download Font. Shihan Inspired by geometrical ornaments. Liquido A free typeface which includes two versions: User reviews about Font Package Review. Whiteboard Modern is a hand-drawn face resembling the flowing paco and freedom of writing in an open space, such as a dry-erase board. This free, pacm font has been my favorite for some time — it has beautiful details and every character has a unique shape too.

There are plenty of free professional fonts to choose from! Mad Squire A free geometric and experimental sans serif typeface inspired by double parallel lines.

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