Gm300 radio doctor

Newer Post Older Post Home. After much trial and error I believe I came up with a solution that has been working fine for me since. Press F10 once more to return to the main menu.

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This section will let you change the function of the programmable pins on the back of the radio: If you use thin wire you will be able to feed this out the edge of the 16 way connector.

It has been pointed out to me that this software only works with the GM so I have adjusted the page. CP50; GP68 only adjusting, no programming frequency This is the menu that will be used to program frequencies in for the various channels on the radio. If you want a copy of Motorola Doctor software just join the following group. Program to convert 2 or 8 ch GP to 16 ch. PRO seriesupgrade dkctor, R Dumps of EEprom for Syntor If so, you are now good foctor go.

Motorola GM Programming - FJCOM

RSS for Motorola Saber system. Avi-file Look and study!

It's a program to monitor Motorola trunking activities. Program to change a model number and re-initialize much Motorola radios. P low band only!

Motorola CPS | RSS Software Programming: Motorola Radius GM with Windows using DOSBox

Service manual for new GM series. Browse to the D drive and fire up GM You can make your own or just search on Ebay for "GM programming" or make programming interface from below "at your own risk".

MaxTrac Trunked Mobile Radio. Cable for Professional series.

To get started, you will need the following: You should now be presented with the following with no errors: I really needed to be able to program the pins for the accessory port on the back of the unit, more specifically I need the COS pin to be enabled see below.

While it may be good at programming in frequencies and changing around the channel numbers, that is about all I was able to do with it. RSS for Motorola Astro radio, ver.

Spectra Mobile Radio v. I20R repeater controller RSS. Things are going well if you get this far.

Program to change a serial number of Spectra radios. RSS for GP radio. Open and extract the GMV5 zip file to your root drive C: Tuner for professional series, version R Now click on the Port Settings tab and set the baud rate toand make sure the other values match below: You will also need a simple interface to connect the radio to your PC.

You should now have a fully programmed Motorola GM Radius radio! Right click on this and go to Properties. Radius R Field Programmer V1.

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