Iceweasel for windows

I hope Debian can keep up with all the security updates for Firefox. Retrieved 5 February Can you imagine how depressing it must be to work on a proprietary product like IE7, knowing that no matter how great you make your software, it can only ever be as useful as your corporate master will allow it to be? Various projects have taken Firefox and released their own versions, either to optimize it, add new features, or align it with their philosophy.

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David said, on October 13, at 2: And how is open source going to defeat that?

A dude wants to go to jail! In addition, it features a wlndows security features not found in the mainline Firefox browser. Pale Moon offers you a Usually the only restriction is that whatever you produce using their source code must also be open source and any relevant trademark notices must be respected.

Microsoft Edge, initially developed under the codename Project Spartan, is a web browser in development by Microsoft. How to get the Iceweasel branding on Firefox Since Debian Stable has upgraded Firefox to it's quantum version this extension only works on Debian Jessie now.

I agree with iceaeasel post. It aims to be a lightweight web browser available through all major platforms.

Robert Krawitz said, on October 15, at 8: Chris said, on October 13, at 2: No matter who is responsible, the result is the same.

Iceweasel - Debian Wiki

Having more choices and market competition leads to better products for the consumer, but it reaches a point where it becomes confusing to users. Joe 40 like Windowd 51 said: Who gives a flying fuck what it does to the marketshare of Firefox?

But firefox has grown out of most of its wibdows as well. Microsoft was right when they called a GNU license, viral.

Bye, bye the remnants of TechTv, but it has been gone for a while.

Recently I came across a news article that made me stop and check the source — I was sure I must have stumbled on to the Onion or BBSpot. Excellent comment from Alex Roitman to explain what is going on:. Waterfox Waterfox is a high performance browser based on the Mozilla platform.

GNU IceCat

Firefox is paid to keep Google at the top of the search box, and to have the address bar wkndows google when an invalid URL is given. Debian changes its policy and places additional restrictions on the use of a logo image shipped with Firefox.

By January 1,rebranding was being referred to as the "Iceweasel route". The only change between Firefox and Iceweasel are the name and logo. SirYes said, on October 15, at 4: Alternatives 55 Comments 0 Reviews 2.

IceWeasel for Windows

DeeK said, on October 13, at 7: Not you or windowss. Not if it stays within the Linux community. First off, let me say I use Debian Linux and have for a long time. Look at the section "User Agent String" on how to change the user agent string. License Free Commercial Open Source.

Quite a while ago, Debian Legal and many of the Debian Developers came to an agreement that Debian could use the Firefox name without the Firefox Logo s. Wilhelm said, on October 13, at 2:

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