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Balaji from Ahoskie Inn. Excellent basic software The software is good for basic use. Being a business owner for many years, I personally have been through many different software companies looking for the most simple and yet efficient software. All the external interfaces and website integration is good Cons Too much complications.

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Hotel Software - Features

ASI offers online hotel reservation software for your hotel website. Best hotel software in the market. Often referred as Property Management System in the hospitality industry, this special class of software is ideally suited for use at hotels, military guest houses, motels, resorts, inns, lodges, hostel, suites, ranch, apartments, medical centers and bed and breakfast operations. The software is very user-friendly, tech support is always available and ready to help resolve any issue that we have, and there are reports available for everything that we need.

Also, the pricing is very fair. Please check out vront OPDC proudct. Reservation, Check-In and Check-Out:.

ASI FrontDesk Hotel Motel Software Free Download

Frony perfect software solution for hospitality industry, this comprehensive software suite comes integrated with modules for many aspects of hotel management. Dennis from Independent motel in Corpus Christi. Requires a license key. We will demonstrate majority of our software features.

Balaji from Ahoskie Inn. I wanted to clarify a few things in the Cons section Pros The software has a very good balance of ease of use and advanced functions such as forecasting, reports, and OTA synchronization. The application also features a built-in reputation frnot system that automatically collects and transfers positive reviews to TripAdvisor and other hotel booking sites. But every time I figure our something new, it makes the program that much more valuable!

The easy-to-use support was available 24 hours a day and was always friendly enough to answer even the most basic questions. Cons We like every aspect of this software. Excellent basic software The software is good for basic use.

It has some problems but if you have support contract they will fix it.

Fully compatible with Microsoft Windows operating system OSthe motel management software, all in all, is a general purpose hospitality software and improves the experience of both guest as well as host. Typical Indian company Pros User friendly. I would definitely recommend this software to anyone looking to switch to a new front desk software for new and upcoming businesses!

With ASI FrontDesk, hotel managers can streamline check-in process, collect guest information, scan identity proof and automate data entry. ASI-CL is our calllogging software. We also offer OPDC, online property data colle ction tool for hotel management companies to manage a group of hotels.

Showing 1 - 13 of 13 reviews. Look at open-source alternatives, or another company that doesn't have such draconian support contracts. Hotel Booking and Billing Software - Control your hotel with ease and accuracy.

Software has a lot of features, but unfortunately the program bugs outweigh the features. We purchased this a log time ago so maybe that's why. A signature interface captures the digital signature of guests on all applicable documents, and the built-in credit card processor includes a swipe interface compatible with all payment processing platforms within the U.

The service is great. Check out how easy and simple yet comprehensive our software is!!! Cons There is not much I can say about what I least liked about the software.

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