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I've been discussing this with others who also think it's great. Give it a look http: If 7 is so great, why are there so many people running concessions all over the internet selling or giving away open source to put back into 7 what you had in XP.

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New for Windows 7 Search | Microsoft Docs

I've been using Copernic Desktop Search for more than 6 years. Aren't CPUs, hard drives, and networks fast enough nowadays to find things quickly without indexing? And why can't I just right click on a folder and select Search? Yes, the Windows 7 search is a big problem for me too. I've vesktop modifying indexing locations but there are certain files and folders that I simply cannot find how in god's name to remove from the exclusions list, and why is that set anyway?

How To Fix Windows 7 Desktop Search Problems

Fast and extensive search options. I found this page while trying to find help using Windows 7 search. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. That is plain stupid. If you use "Effective File Search" software with Win7, it adds a right click option.

I also found it very fast once I was searching correctly, but my computer is 7. You don't even have to press Enter. You can install as a 90 trial and check things out.

Sewrch who says that Windows 7 search is easy surely did not try to use it. It's one of the worst things about Windows 7 — and heaven knows there's some stiff competition. But if I attempt to search on a brace in Win 7, it returns all files.

New for Windows 7 Search

Seven is liked by people who have too much time on their hands to jump from this type of thing vesktop another. I've since abandon Win 7 searching and have purchased and installed Directory Opus. XP is still the best opsys from MS and it now seems whatever comes next from MS will be worse and worse.

I am in fact going to jump on the "your lying" bandwagon because as Marikhen, the first and last sentences are lies. Oh and by the way, again perhaps it is my own searxh, but is anyone else having the same experience that I am having with Homegroups — to say nothing of all Windows networking since XP which was no problem.

Right click in grey area. Files are saved by a number allocated to the patient as well as by patient's name. I have to use edsktop PC with a MS operating system my apologies that I cannot tell you what it is but I try to ignore the PC op syst and just get on with my work at work and the calls to 'IT help' deaktop many and various. You should try a program called Phrase Express.

Below is the format: Well, if it is, its hard to find…. I'd love to permanently disable it if I could, and I thought that at some point in the past I had, because regardless of how small the indexing file might be and how marginal the performance hit the indexing might cause I don't want either of them on my PC. You can do this by going to the left side of the Explorer screen at the top of the window and you'll see Save Search. Founder of Help Desk Geek and managing editor.

Joel Lee July 29, 5 minutes. A somewhat ridiculous irony that this is available to the OS which finalised the destruction of the Search feature starting with Search v4. But, then, I guess Microsoft don't recognise that anything exists windowe their comfy little patch.

Download Desktop Search for Windows 7 - Best Software & Apps

First off, I'm on the 'your joking? So you then de-installed that, and went on to install Windows Search 4.

IConditionFactory2 provides methods for creating or resolving a condition tree that was obtained by parsing a query string. I agree with you and disagree with the OP.

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