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I spoke and consulted extensively with Kerry and W. Perhaps Ferguson's most successful long-run contribution from the standpoint of Microsoft's bottom line was to manage to create a software architecture that did achieve a substantial amount of lock-in. Computer users worldwide can obtain information about Microsoft FrontPage at http: According to Forgaard, Netscape's strategy of offering Navigator free was a source of frustration for the software giant.

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Finally, we wanted to provide our users the ability to add advanced Web technologies to their site without programming. Similarly, from the user perspective, open source provides at worst a mixed blessing.

If you are interested in viewing additional information on Microsoft, please visit the Microsoft Web page at http: And in the absence of such copy protection schemes manufacturers are reduced mifrosoft relying on users' respect for microsoff intellectual property rights to produce a consistent revenue stream.

Computer users worldwide can obtain information about Microsoft FrontPage at http: The part about raising capital is excellent actually, I remembered reading a very similar article in Fast Company a year or two ago. They wanted to know if we were interested in some sort of relationship, anywhere from co-marketing, to technology licensing, to the "full meal deal" as he called it - being acquired.

Of the companies that might have acquired Vermeer, AOL had microeoft bought a company in Vermeer's line of business--Navisoft, with the NaviPress web development tool and with NaviServer now called AOLserver, a now open-source product that many consider to be, along with open-source Apache, the best-of-breed in webserver programs. Ferguson and the rest of Vermeer's board accepted.

New Integration with Microsoft Office.

This is ,icrosoft early draft of a book review that will be forthcoming in the Harvard Business Review. If you need a demonstration that I can be a complete bastard let me know and I would be happy to provide it. I like it and I recommend it to anyone starting a company or anyone curious about technology and society. Microsoft FrontPage is a Web site design and management application that ships microspft some versions of the Microsoft Office suite and is also available as a stand-alone program.

They also had to have plans for versions 2.

Microsoft FrontPage

In ancient times it was believed that you had to train people for 5 or 10 years before they could assume significant management responsibility within a company. I have worked with FrontPage microsoftt version 97, which was, overall, a real stinker.

The chapters covering the formation through eventual acquisition of Vermeer Technologies are an interesting education in the ways of VCs and hi-tech startups in the mid 90's. Adobe had bought PageMill.

And by the end of there was code that was more sophisticated than the code of potential competing programs like NaviPress, Netscape Composer, or PageMill, and that actually ran. But FrontPage is not focused on creating individual Web pages; its purpose is to help you build and run Web sites.

Multix OS Unix History: And he managed to carve off for himself a small slice of the user surplus that he and his organization created, and become rich.

In my mind he had earned the right to have his fronh attended to.

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And one of my favorite new features isn't really a FrontPage feature at all: The author is incredibly blunt. And we also find ourselves somewhat disappointed: OK, If I fron I'd give it 4. I especially recommend this book to anyone who is frustrated with the herd mentality in the tech world and would like to read something that has a refreshing independence to its views. But his very honesty gives the reader some critical distance--and gave us the tools to question how long the core conclusions of the book will continue to apply.

Purchased with intent of building website but never went through with the idea. Microsoft, after all, found it expedient pagee acquire FrontPage rather than assign a team microosoft programmers to reinvent it.

The non-transparency problem is not eliminated, since predicting the future is as hard as ever, but users can be reassured that the openness of the source means that pgae they desperately need a feature they can pay someone to code it for them. That is the source of my continuing frustration with FrontPage, and it's why I've tried and quit using previous versions. A year veteran at Frront, Peters was formerly general manager of the Word business unit and led the development of Microsoft Excel for five years.

My own experience is that templates make for a great demo, but are not usable for many Web applications.

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