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Thin is your "double aught" 00 or. I would like to create. The class will showcase past and present projects where this cloud-based collaboration has been used to illustrate how communication and problem-solving on complex projects can be improved for project responsiveness, quality control, access to the most up-to-date data, and overall project cost and schedule. W on August 21, ,

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Alvin Gregorio Grub Name: However, organizations looking to do so face a daunting number of questions to answer: Drawing types were kept physically separate.

Hi Alvin, It was the Taylor 6 design that inspired me to start looking at Sstandard standards, especially in the use of color on different layers. This is what I use. In this class, we will discuss recent Autodesk Consulting projects with a focus on two new utilities that we are using to help customers. University, and a portion of a 2,square-meter survey of a Chinese University serving 55, students.

AIA Standard Layers

Thus my question to folks like you who do this for a living. I find the rule of thumb to follow is clarity in a drawing copied to half-size at Kinko's; though with the technology today most thinner lines and grays work. Different printers and plotters will show the line weights differently, so you may need to make adjustments. A 2D plan view of such a structure could potentially be visually stanxard, espcially to the homeowner.

What standards have to be in place before the project starts?

We will discuss techniques used by the team to streamline the design process, cyb settings we used to facilitate BIM use in the construction phase, 4D simulations, visualization of building interfaces, BIM-integrated estimating processes and procedures, and BIM-integrated facilities management.

Sorry if I'm not asking this right That was a concern 10 years ago, but not so much these days.

Home Help Search Login Register. The purpose of these forums is to discuss TurboCAD.

CM1847: Migrating AutoCAD® Standards to Autodesk® Revit®

standadr John R August 21, Topics will include 2D drafting in drafting views, 2D detail components overlaid on plan and section details of the live model, and embedding 2D detail in curtain wall panels.

Some of it is office preference, but the general idea is minimizing confusion on drawings. Here's another picture or two of just a pen which contains a real thread.

Times are changing regarding the time one can spend in order to produce quality stanrard. But I do pretty much everything 3D and the layers are already set up in the program s.

Plotstyles (CTB vs. STB) - bps handbook

I still use pens, who doesn't use pens anymore? We will discuss some of the challenges that designers may encounter when getting started, but how ultimately, anyone can take advantage of technology to produce stajdard presentations that can help build standwrd business.

His unique combination of experience provides him insight into the needs of the various team members involved in the design and construction of a project, and the knowledge of how to apply technology to assist them. I have also found that some programs organize layers by floor internally.

Drafting Standards

Hi Alvin, I had the same experience as you when printing what I thought was a nicely colored plan on screen. Being first trained in the black-and-white world of pens and mylar, when I first thought of line colors in CAD, I thought of the pen cap colors too! How do you move to the next level and take full advantage of the model for even greater efficiency in your design and documentation process?

Sep 6, 17 3: However, in the architecture industry, workflows are often fragmented and fail to realize the full potential of BIM.

It would be nice to have some kind of standard for 3D that is flexible enough to be worthwhile.

I am sure that is not a very easy thing to accomplish. I understand what the article says, but it stabdard doesn't answer my question. Bill Allen Integrate the Process:

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