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Click and drag the sliders from left to right to line up the photos. As with the previous CSI games, there are five cases to work on. Click and drag the flashlight over the left arm, and click on the tattoo.

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Click and drag the floating DNA to the white hork in front of the matching molecules on the right and left sides until only three molecules remain. This will likely increase the time it takes for your changes to go live.

Click on Jil-LOUsy dialogue. Click on the right screen. Archived from the original on December 5, Keep them in this order or they will not total fifteen when calculating from top to bottom.

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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Comic Novels Video game. Grab the photo of the victim and drop it over Detective Flick. Click and drag the torch over the locked cabinet. Interview Headmaster Jennings Click on shugdaddy dialogue.

From left to right, click on the fourth clasp first, followed by the second, and then the third to open the box. Morgue Click on the screen with the bones located in the upper left corner.

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Interview Nightmare Pete Click on last night dialogue. There are quite a few patches for the CSI games. Fire from the Deep Dsi Path of Sin: Aggregate scores Aggregator Score GameRankings.

An infamous food critic is csj dead in a restaurant. Click on them until each one is in the correct position. Move the velocity, located at the top left of the screen, all the way up.

CSI: New York Walkthrough

Grab the riding gloves and drop them over Jack. Grab the check from the inventory and drop it over Sark, and then click on the amount.

Click on three letters in each word that do not belong until you reveal … See the screenshot below. Click on the wall behind the bears and collect the nee. Interview Lucas Trenton Grab the limestone and drop it over Lucas. Grab the bracelet and drop it over Sark, and then click on the emblem. Start with the middle slider and take it all the way to the left.

Click the bear directly below the brown nose bear, on the bottom shelf. Click on nUCRush dialogue. Find the words in the text represented in the images below. Evan Coil Click on wrong guy dialogue.


For locations, see the screenshot below. Click on the differences in the hearts. I'm Not Doctor Who Defunct Click on the emblem. Focussed on dishing dirt and spreading rumours at Hillridge Prep School, she is shot mid-sentence in full view, causing dsi lines to light up.

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