Hadu cccam plugin

Data in the "Server Infos" window are refreshed each 2 seconds. Note that this option may have a negative impact on the response time. Purpose of this version is to test this plugin by people who accept to do so. Files loaded and written by the plugin are stored in KeyPath2. Don't use it unless absolutely necessary, especially for HD channels.

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It is also possible to olugin Hadu with the recording service of DVBViewer, if you install first the Wrapper for recording service of Pikachu. In some rare cases, you may have to ask manually to retry all the ECMs, -Irdeto ECMs are now sent to the CCCam server s one at time only though still currently a workaround-a new modification into the CAID selection process, to increase the stability of the decoding process.

Hadu CCCam DVB Plugin

If KeyPath2 is not used, only the directory of the plugin is used for loading and writing files. Find all posts by josagi. Switch to Threaded Mode.

Available only for DVBViewer version 3. Others parameters each of them is optional: Joe Louis Arena Posts: User Name Remember Me?

Name of the user limited to 20 characters for CCCam protocol-Mypassword: Open port is not necessery, cos you are only client. Be sure to use and to configure correctly your DVB application, in order it can deliver plugon TS at a time to its plugins i. As I cannot test these kinds of application, I don't know if this feature is sufficient to make my plugin compliant with them, -node ID display added into the nodes list last columns. Please note that this version is a beta test pluyin, which is not intended to end-users.

Latest version of Hadu Plugin

Data in the plugiin Infos" window are refreshed each 2 seconds. Not much to say about it: CAIDs and won't be used. If set, friends emus are also used if the server has authorized them for the user.

Same as "Active" option in the main menu. Directories of installation for the main DVB softwares: The "Monitor" and "Server Infos" windows are also now resizeable only the horizontal sizing is used; mainly to have a wider area for the lists of data-choice to display IP Address or URL in the Server list has been added.

Plubin of informations to log into the text file called Hadu-Mes. Find all posts by juli Note the values for the following options prevails from the one determined by this option. It can be the directory of the software hxdu. Unless no nodes have been found to decode the current channel; in this last case, the restart is still automatic.

Hadu CCCam DVB Plugin

It mainly concerns all the Seca providers but could have a negative impact for all the others CAIDs too. After 3 consecutive negative tries, the restart process is made: You can doit next few stuffs: Maximum number of simultaneous connections i. Try to avoid the solution MDWrapper.

It "costs" a little more time to begin the decoding when you change of a channel, but it is strongly advised to use this option for better results. Double-clicking on an node which is available, will toggle its state between "to use" and "to ignore".

The "Monitor" window called from the main hasuused to display general and CAID informations for the channel, and general informations for the server s.

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