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If you lose the dongle out in the field while traveling home from work, at the airport, cab, etc. Please send us dump file by e-mail to contact dongle-emulator. Send us dump file Please send us dump file by e-mail to contact dongle-emulator. Shawn from USA, California. In our example created file is called 3CA0.

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Basically, HASP keys can serve the same purpose as standard license keys and activation systems for the consumer-grade software, but more often they are intended for more specialized programs, like professional image processing apps, 3D modeling and animation emulatpr, accounting software complexes, audio-editors, CAD-applications, and many other solutions which are mostly used by large commercial organizations.


Working in a big company you may face the need to share a limited number of HASP keys among multiple workers. Spam as in links that violate the spam guidelines found here.

Starting service Now you need to open "Emulator" tab. After Windows is booted it will install the unsigned driver automatically. Thank a lot for a great tutorial. And then, you wait for finishing driver installation successfully. Hardware dongle protection You can use HASP dongle emulator to protect original hardware key against theft, damage or loss. The security dongle will appear on your remote computer as though it were physically attached to the machine. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Please send created dump files to sales dongleservice.

Trial version has one week time limitations but it is enough to make sure your software can perfectly work without hardware key attached to computer. Then you press "Start Service" button. But I get this message: If your OS is 64 bit, then open folder MultiKey64 and do as follows:.

Fully-functional 7-days trial version of dongle emulator is available. A product that works at a great price.

HASP key clone | HASP emulator

Send us dump file Please send us dump file by e-mail to contact dongle-emulator. Supported dongles HASP emulator is compatible with following dongles: The obvious benefits of FlexiHub: Log in or sign up donhle seconds. Send us a message. Email Address contact dongle-emulator.

I tried many a times as per the instruction.

Now you can emulaotr your protected software and enjoy it. Sharing Private data is forbidden no IP dumping. Device driver software was not successfully installed!

No more time spent worrying about dongle getting damaged or burnt or stolen or drenched or etc etc. Sending dumps and has; trial version of Aladdin dongle emulator. Now I'm using its full version. Dongle Backup and Recovery is released! It was a very pleasant surprise for me when I first time used trial version of the emulator and ran my protected software without dongle.

Select [Sign a System File] and click Next button. I am shattered in installing the emulator! For emulation purposes you can use digitally signed emulator that is fully compatible with Windows 7,8 and

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