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It almost seems like a rip-off of the logo of a company called Houzz www. The logo revolves around high energy and space. The way I see it, one has to understand where all the logo would be used, when deciding on whether to use a single color of dual color.

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The first is the choice of colors. December 5, at 1: If you want to avoid the challenge and take a look at the final product, click the link below facebook account required http: In my opinion, the logo also has two negative connotations. April 13, at 4: And identities are often a key part of the entire makeover process.

Before discussing the logo, let us talk about the new TVC. All Files Vector Logos.

Today I know that the first generation Pulsar had a lot of technical problems and the Victor had engine related troubles. The logo revolves around high energy and space.

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Logo is too bad Formerly Hero Honda Motors Ltd. Meta Log in WordPress. Wolff Olins wow what a mess of a logo for Hero! The other, bigger black arrow that looks forward is blunt; it has lost its sharp point.

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Anonymous August 18, at When I first saw it, I was unable to see the H part. Loved the moment when the boy throws the ball back at the jawan! Click on the image for a more closer look.

September 14, at August 3, at 6: Anonymous August 15, at Your email address will not be published. Whatever it is do the right thing! Redesign of the AA logo What keeps you alive? The first vehicle I bought in my life is a Hero Honda Splendor bike, with my savings from my first job, in Sufiyan August 23, at Having said that, once you see the H, then it is becomes obvious.

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Click here to know the design details of Havells logo. Which conference to attend? Amongst the few connotations that one associates with the color black is death, depression, sign of negative, a showing of protest.

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Sanjay Mohanta August 18, at 2: August 29, at But how it is possible to attach the logo on motorcycle, with three diff blocks. Unable to find connect between brief and the logo, I so agree with Santosh.

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