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We’ve all heard that clichéd phrase: Say what you mean. It’s a great slogan for t-shirts and Grandma’s coffee mugs. But in the real world, you’ll find it’s a bit more difficult to communicate well.


Despite our best intentions, often what we say gets lost in translation. We speak one thing (“Do you want to take out the trash?”), the other person hears something else (“You’re a lazy bum!”), and misunderstanding, irritation, and conflict follow.


All amazing relationships have their roots in good communication. That’s why it’s important.


By using verbal and nonverbal techniques to communicate effectively, you’ll connect better in all of your relationships. You’ll also come to understand the source of your energy—both positive and negative—and channel it into healthy forms of expression.


In this course, we will teach you efficient, do-no-harm communication methods by focusing on four pillars: active communication, standards vs. expectations, conflict without cutting, and argument diffusion.


Our goal is that by the end of the course, you will be equipped with ways to improve communication with the important people in your life—whether that’s your partner, kids, boss, coworkers, or all the above! These skills will enable you to effectively connect with others, build trust and respect, and help all parties feel understood.


For this course, all you need is a journal and an occasional homework buddy.


So, do you want to learn how to communicate better? If the answer’s yes, let’s get started!


No prerequisite 


Communication 101

  • What is Effective Communication? 80 min
  • Standards vs. Expectations 45 min
  • Conflict Without Cutting 30 min
  • Argument Diffusion 45 min
  • Conclusion 20 min
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