It’s something about a woman. It’s believed a woman has super powers to see into the future. A woman is born with the trait to see the “POTENTIAL” in her career, her education, her health, and more specifically her RELATIONSHIPS!!! The word “Potential” is defined as having the capacity to become or develop into something in the future.

Now I may be breaking the “Girl Code” but it’s true for some! When thinking about relationships, a woman naturally thinks in future tense. As some women get older, maybe it’s based on our biological clocks, the more we start to see, “potential” in a man.  In our eyes, we see a fantasy or a dream that could possibly be our forever. As a single woman, we yearn for that security and having that one person who can make all of our worries go away, that one person who desire our very moral being, that one person who’s our friend, our confidant, and our lover.


More times than one, woman fantasize about meeting her prince charming and just maybe the “next” guy she’ll meet will be the one, ” I can see it” she says. In the art of

In the art of dating, you have to take everything for face value. You have to stop falling for the potential in the man you meet. Take your time and feed off of what you’re given or what is communicated to you.


The art of dating is to date with a purpose. Find your purpose and let that be your inspiration towards the men you choose to engage with and make sure that you are extremely clear with him about what that purpose is.  Issues occur often when the purposes don’t align, which ultimately causes confusion. Yes, I know our minds often wander to the ” what if” but to avoid that “what if” converse. Do not be afraid to have that candid conversation to save you from a headache or heartache!

Okay, yes I’m encouraging you to think a little more but the less you worry about the “what if” or the “he can potentially be my forever”, the more fun you’ll have getting to know each other. I’ve learned you cannot build solid relationships based on the “what if” or the “potential”…take life by the horn and

” No matter how attractive a person’s potential may be, you have to date their reality.”

~Mandy Hale








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