3 Career Lessons from 2017

To kick off the beginning of April and my #WerqueLikeABoss career series, I thought it would be a great idea

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Dave Chappelle Makes Me Want to Sing!

I was a tad bit late to the party this week in watching the new Netflix Dave Chappelle comedy special,

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Everyone, Step Up or Step Off!

Short, and to the point. My title more than my typical ‘straight no chase’ demeanor. Rather, it is an exclamatory

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Sad Woman

Don’t Fall for Potential

It’s something about a woman. It’s believed a woman has super powers to see into the future. A woman is born with

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How to Get the Best Revenge

Recently, when I was getting myself situated in church, preparing to hear a good word, one of the ushers walked

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I am not bound by my pain. Inner strength is undoubtedly built by learning to forgive. At first glance, it

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It’s Hard Spinning Yourself into Gold

This process is making me cry- and I mean cry a lot, it’s making me question everything; above all else

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volkan olmez

Adulting: How to Survive the Trauma That Comes With It

I will be 28 in 14 days, that totals to about 336 hours, 20,160 minutes, or 1, 209,600 seconds- but

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The Afterglow of Moonlight’s Win

In the biggest moment since Beyonce screamed, “lights, somebody getting fired”, Moonlight ran off with the Oscar for Best Picture

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Much More Than Jerk Seasoning

After six walks around the park interior and 20 some odd minutes later, my interview with Chicago restauranteur, Eric ‘Rico’

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